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Freight Forwarding Services in Dublin

On behalf of shippers, we provide strategic logistics planning and implementation for the transnational transportation of goods. In particular, we will handle a variety of activities including freight rate negotiating, container tracking, customs documentation, and freight consolidation.

From packaging and warehousing to customs processes, we can help with all aspects of the freight process, relieving you of some of the burden and effort. As a freight forwarder, we can assist you with:

  • Customs clearance
  • International export and import documentation
  • Insurance
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Inventory management

Why Us?

strong network

Our Strong Network

We are in a stronger position to negotiate routes and rates for you because of the potent mix of our own infrastructure and a sizable partner network. We communicate with multiple carriers to bargain over costs and terms before selecting the quickest, safest, and most affordable route. Due to our close relationships with carriers, ports, and agents, we frequently get shipping updates that may have an impact on your cargo.

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Deal with just one organization

As a freight forwarder, we plan and manage the movement of your goods from one location to another by land, sea, trains, vessels, and storage. We serve as middlemen who manage the freight procedure on your behalf, streamlining communication because you only need to contact one business.


trustworthy freight forwarding

We are reliable & trustworthy

You can rely on Capital Logistics as your freight forwarder. We have a very strong network and many years of reliable business experience. Utilize our experience and knowledge to make sure that your products reach their intended location on time, saving you time and money compared to if you were to do it yourself.


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