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Haulage Services in Dublin

Offering haulage services of the finest standard is something we are quite proud of. We’re well regarded for the dependability and effectiveness of our general hauling service. Our delivery personnel takes great care to guarantee that your products arrive on schedule and in flawless condition. There are no things we cannot transport for you because of our knowledge and expertise in hauling all different kinds of commodities, including kitchen worktops and coal.

We at Capital Logistics have in-depth expertise in the heavy sector. We specialise in moving huge and unusual loads, and we have years of experience doing it. We have handled atypical loads, with heavy hauling. We have established ourselves as one of Ireland’s top-heavy haulage firms because to our thorough attention to detail and commitment to safety. As there is a wide range of products that need to be transported, there are various types of haulage services to cater to all requirements.

Our haulage services includes:

Heavy Haulage​

Heavy Haulage

Transporting massive objects, amounts of commodities, or materials in haulage vehicles is referred to as heavy haulage. This usually entails figuring out the best way to securely load big, heavy equipment onto a suitable vehicle and move it to the destination.

Road Haulage​

Road Haulage

In contrast to other modes of transportation like rail or air, road haulage refers to the movement of products by road.

Abnormal loads​

Abnormal loads

Large machinery or wind turbines are examples of abnormal loads. The many haulage services can provide the wide range of goods that need to be transported across a nation.

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